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All right readers,

I don't feel so lonely anymore. I went out for lunch today at Baldies...OK so it was a late lunch, but food nonetheless, and on the way back home, I saw tiffnie on the bus. She asked me if she could come back with me to my place and I said yes.
So she and I spent the next hour and a half talking about various things, from music to beliefs to school. Why does it seem that every first conversation I have with someone my explorations come up? LOL She did give me the same advice as everyone else though, keep exploring, but be careful. I really enjoyed her visit and I seriously hope it won't be the last. She said she'd come over again, but I've heard that from lots of people and...well let's just say very few have followed through. Not that I'm saying she wont, but it's kind of hard to break old thought patterns.

The Phoenix
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