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meeting results I was honest and it kind of got me in trouble...

For the most part the meeting went well...until I told them that I wasn't bringing BLite to classes because half the time when I bring it I don't use it. It just kind of sits there untouched. However, since our poetry professor is now having us write in class a little more often, I may have to start doing it atain. Also at the behest of my parents and others there...bring it.
Other than that and the fact that I had asked to leave a couple of times during classes due to the visual nature of some of the lectures...things went pretty good. Someone was again talking about the working world again and that if I kept saying that I was too busy or forgot to do things I would be considered unreliable...and I can see where she's coming from, I just wish she would...back off!!!

In any case, we have the date for the event now, and the feature story is done, as is my sonett for poetry class. Now it's just massive amounts of reading and trying to find out how to get somewhere on Sunday.
See Math midterm is next week, and the reviews are on Sunday, and sinceCori doesn't work on Sunday, I am going to have to find a different way of getting there...I am going to e-mail Doctor Planas, talk to ben, my lab instructor and see if I can't find someone to get me there from class...but we'll see how all that goes.

In any case...I hope all is going well for each of you and take care of yourselves.

The Phoenix
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