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Hello al...

OK so comes the big meeting day...
I will keep my temper
I wil keep my voice to a manageable level in the office
I will not let her rattle me
I will think about what she says before I say anything
I will keep tight control of my anger if she does arouse such a thing in me
If I get nervous I will not crack knuckles.

Mom is bringing e-mails and my to do list that I e-mailed her on Monday, and Dad is coming, so that should help as well. I have also dressed in what I consider my "firebird" outfit. Red caprees and a red net top that has a liner underneath the net to keep it from bbeing see through. Black shoes...I would have liked them to be red, but oh well. Yes I know that's not the usual culor for certain firebirds, but since most people associate red with fire, it was simply easier to play to already established tendencies. I've also put my hair in a poney tail. I had thought about a black headband and leaving it down, but some instinct told me to put it up, so I followed it. I'm also wearing the phoenix necklace. I'm all me...and I mean business, people. She and I both have naturally carying voices, so I really don't want to get into a shouting match with her. I'm hoping this will be a lot les painless than I am letting on, but we shall see.

The Phoenix
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