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Hello Readers,

I finally have some good news to put in here.

First of all on Sunday Mom and I took part in an adaptive sports clinic which included challenger baseball, tennis, water skiing, kayaking, wheelchair basketball among other things.

I did the water skiing, but instead of standing up to ski, I sat down to do so. long ski, probably about seven or eight feet. About as wider or a bit wider than a knee board. I think anyway. On the tip of the ski is a rubber thing where you put both feet and you sit in a cage like structure just big enough for your but. It's made up of for bars. one of them is where your knees go over so that your feet rest in the rubber foot holder. You're facing the boat, of course, and there are two other people with you one on each side of you so that you don't lose your balance. You are holding on to a rope handle, most likely the same one you would be using if you stood up to ski. On mine, they had to change skis because the tip kept going down, so they instructors and boat crew used what they called a block ski which was a ski that had a ball up near the tip to keep it from going under the water. Once we started really going, they had me yank up on the handle to release the ball...I was never up for so long!! Instead of using your lower body you used your upper. As long as you kept your hands down by your ankles, you were good. I had no trouble doing that or holding my face to the wind. I think that was the closest to flying I ill ever come. I seriously couldn't believe how stable it was. We did have some little bumps, but I stayed up the entire round of the lake, which mind was a rather large body of water. I was thoroughly pleased when I came back into shore and I had my own little cheering committee partly because it took forever for them to figure out what was going on.
Then...oh joy of!!! I was actually able to hit tennis balls off a racket, something I thought I would never be able to do. There was someone, either Peggy or Skip, female, male respectively, tossing me balls, while Connie helped me by moving the racket just enough for me to hit them. Half the time, though, I heard it bouncing and hit it all on my own. After a while, Connie was replaced by...wonder of wonders...Marlena...LOL. In any case, I now have a new respect for tennis players. I never realized how big the courts were. No wonder they are so completely drained and out of breath when their games are over. Their protection is nineteen by nineteen...and that is paces, not actual feet.
So after tennis, Mom and I went kayaking on the lake and that was a lot of fun as well, but after about fifteen minutes of my arms acting like propellers. LOL, they were beginning to be all worn out. The kayak paddle is nearly like a canoe paddle, except for the handle end also has a paddle. I'm not sure if the kayak paddles are longer or not, but it certainly does take a lot of upper arm strength to move something like that.
After that, Mom andI went to lunch and I decided to go home since I had a lot of laundry to do and we stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way home.
I had thought about picking up a Vas album...until...Mom asked if I wanted to check the book section...sure why not? So we checked the cassette section...I had found a book I wanted, I can't remember the name of it now, but I do remember it was thirty some odd dollars...checking the CD section however proved to be the find of the day...Mariel of Redwall, Loamhedg, and the Rackity Tam....Redwall feastings!!! Yum, yum, yum!!! While I was silently, or not so silently, going ballistic, Mom took the other book out of my hands and replaced it. Ah choices, bloody choices!! For those of you who don't know, MY near obsession with Redwall...along with another place is nearly legendary...OK maybe not so much, but I am a rRedwall fanatic and any story that comes out will sooner or later find its way into my possession if I can help it!! So of course I had to pick one of them up. I chose Mariel and wisely left the 12 CD book at home. Twelve glorious hours of Redwall fun...just waiting to crash my school resolve if I would have brought it back here.
So then it wasn't much but laundry at home, poetry writing and PR stuff.
Now for the actual good part, the excitement that I am bursting with despite my meeting with lil miss control monger tomorrow. And, believe me, I'm being kind!!
FGCU hosts Alene Greto, President of Respecting All Wildlife Inc!!! That's right, all, Alene, the person who helped me out immensely with my paper is coming to my school to speak on animals, the environment and what can be done to keep it animal friendly. This is the event I've been wanting to field for months and now that it is finally coming to fruition, I can hardly contain myself. November eight, baby!!!! She's bringing Kowia, her African Serval cat and is also trying to find someone to speak on behalf of a program that uses the help of prison inmates to help train animals such as dogs and stuff. Prison inmates...not really hard core ones, mainly the ones who have been in juvenile homes and stuff like that. Ones who need community service to get parole done and that sort of thing. So now once I ghet the date firmed up, because the President of the University Environment Club has to confirm bringing an amimal on campus with the police and all, I can start promoting the hell out of this thing!! What's really awesome is this also ties in with my Public Relations Writing class which is something both me and my teacher wanted to happen, so now I can use the class to get the experience done...wahoo!!!!

Now, however, I should probably do some stuff before I go to bed tonight to make myself look nice and presentable for untill I see you all again, take care friends.

The Phoenix
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