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Here we go...

So what's your opinion on this?

I think you were really doing better before you quit going to church. Maybe you can take back the Bible on tape and listen to that. Do they have any religious meeting on Sunday there on campus?
I'm not sure whether this is true since I didn't really go to church last semester and I did exceptionally well.
My whole thing is that maybe I did better because I got my books earlier, I knew what to expect and a lot of my syllabi were scanned and stuff and the schedule was pretty straight forward and hurricane season wasn't around to fowl things up. Not that I'm blaming everything on that, because it wasn't all that.
So naturally Mom had me go to church with her, I tried to say no, but both parents said yes, so I went. Same as last time, different church. Message was all right, but they talked about what was considered Christianity. They mentioned a couple of things that were going on, and one of them was going on the week of Halloween, which the preacher called evil. So...I'm still trying to keep an open mind here, but maybe I should just fess up and admit to myself that Christianity doesn't have the appeal to me that it used to?

I'm not sure whether I'm ready to accept that or not, though...but I have said that a lot of the stuff I believe in isn't exactly Christian in
I still believe in angels and the power of prayer, but then comes the whole list of other things...some of wich some others I know of believe in as well.

In any case, I am starting to make lists and it does help to see things slipping away as they get done, and things are finally starting to come together in my classes.

Now I have to get things together for Wednesday and make sure I can keep an open mind and also keep my temper during this meeting on said day.

So until next time all...keep safe.

The Phoenix
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