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meetings and fess ups I'm a book addict...and it's not just M Lackey that has me enthralled anymore...Alexandra Dumas, Lord Dunsany and...dragonlance!!!

homework needing doing this weekend
One press release
research report which is near done
research backgrounder
feature story
two poems for poetry class
and a hole lot of class reading

Wednesday's schedule

meeting with Cindy Cori and my parents at eight thirty
Counsellor appointment at eleven
mobility lesson at twelve thirty

My PR teacher e-mailed me the other day talking about how she was concerned about me because I seemed sad and withdrawn in class and how I had turned in very little of my work.
I told her that I was having a little difficulty with the client, half true, and that I was having a struggle with a Spanish class all true. So then she contacted Cori, same e-mail mind, who contacted Cindy. Apparently when Cindy talked to mother she blew it out of proportion saying that I had turned almost none of my work in to the teacher and that right now I am failing the course.
So Mom told me this, and I went to speak with the teacher to varify the information. She never said I was failing the course and that it is still early enough in the semester to get things done. She said tht maybe if this conversation were around Thanksgiving, she'd be a bit more concerned..but now her concern is small, and she, I know is trying her best to keep it from becoming the Thanksgiving concern it might become...not if I can help it, damn it!! So I told Mom this and she was not too pleased with Cindy's blowing out of proportion. Mary, My teacher, even offered to e-mail my mother and explain things to her.
So Cindy calls today and asks if Mom talked to me...and confirmed Mom's words to me over the phone with her next do you think you need to drop out? then we went on and I told her thatI was having problems with the client and she talked about back up plans and that we would hash it out on Wednesday when we hell we will! LOL No seriously, I will not take this shit anymore. I will keep my temper during the meeting, I will not show how extremely angry I am at the fact that they seem to forget my very good track record, not just for last semester but for the last three years...I will keep an open mind for their comments, I will keep my voice to an exceptable level.
And...yes, I am self-possessed, now, but earlier I was not. I felt like curling up and going away and never coming out. So...sometimes I feel likethey are forcing me to curl up and go away, they're trying their damnedest to make me in to this procrastinating littl whiner who doesn't want to do anything for herself...all though all they say is to the me it doesn't seem like it. I will admit that I have been reading perhaps a bit too much...but I will definitely not be saying that in the We all have our mistakes and long as you learn from them before they become too big...and as long as they don't involve a life and death struggle, which unfortunately some do...what's the harm? I'm in a learning experience here, and, unfortunately sometimes the only way you learn is through mistakes and the lessons that come from them.
In other news...Kellen is not here yet, all...just the name. I doubt he'll be a solid bundle untill December or January.
So now it's off to finish research report and get a hold of Alene to see about fleshing out a letter of agreement and finding out how I can strategically manage my time resources to get all of this done by Tuesday which is when she wants all the older stuff from the beginning of the semester. Which also fits my mom and I's agreement to have all things done before Wednesday, the day of the meeting., which Cori sprung on me without giving me a chance to say hi bye or whatever. It's a good thing it's on Wednesday otherwise I'd be in fits.

The Phoenix *feeling better now*
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