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poem again

OK guys,

I thought since this whole thing about friendship was the theme of this weekend and I nearly lost a friend, I would post this piece.
I wrote it not too long ago and I know it's probably again rhythmically whacked, but here we go.


What a treasure you are
Like an earthbound star
You help me when I'm down
You hug me when I wear a frown
You tell me that it's my everlasting style
To forever and always wear a smile
You go for those who would do me harm
When I'm falling, you hold out a supportive arm
It is not enough to say you're a friend
It is that I must love you til the end
And beyond that to the next age
Were emotions set the stage
I can't tell you how much your worth to me
Itt defies words utterly
This wonderful feeling I get from you
Is so wonderful and so true
This feeling I have too
So now, this, I return to you.

Every word is true and full of meaning. Without the friends I've had and I have I would be no where. Sorry for such deep stuf this weekend, but that's justhe way I am tonight. LOL

The phoenix who's finally back to being her usual smiling self.
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