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Here's to the anonomous persons who directed much willing steps to

and here is the intire song

Deep into the stony hills
Miles from keep or hold,
A troupe of guards comes riding
With a lady and her gold.
Riding in the center,
Shrouded in her cloak of fur
Companioned by a maiden
And a toothless, aged cur.
Three things see no end--
A flower blighted ere it bloomed,
A message that was wasted
And a journey that was doomed.
One among the guardsmen
Has a shifting, restless eye
And as they ride, he scans the hills
That rise against the sky.
He wears a sword and bracelet
Worth more than he can afford
And hidden in his baggage
Is a heavy, secret hoard.
Of three things be wary--
Of a feather on a cat,
The shepherd eating mutton
And the guardsman that is fat.
From ambush, bandits screaming
Charge the packtrain and its prize
And all but four within the train
Are taken by surprise
And all but four are cut down
Like a woodsman fells a log
The guardsman, and the lady,
And the maiden and the dog.
Three things know a secret--
First; the lady in a dream;
The dog that barks no warning
And the maid that does not scream.
Then off the lady pulls her cloak--
In armor she is clad
Her sword is out and ready
And her eyes are fierce and glad
The maiden gestures briefly
And the dog's a cur no more.
A wolf, sword-maid, and sorceress
Now face the bandit corps!
Three things never anger,
Or you will not live for long--
A wolf with cubs, a man with power,
And a woman's sense of wrong.
The bandits growl a challenge,
But the lady only grins.
The sorceress bows mockingly,
And then the fight begins
When it ends there are but four
Left standing from that horde--
The witch, the wolf, the traitor,
And the woman with the sword.
Three things never trust in--
The maiden sworn as pure,
The vows a king has given
And the ambush that is 'sure.'
They've stripped the traitor naked
And they've whipped him on his way
Into the barren hillsides,
Like the folk he used to slay.
They take a thorough vengeance
For the women he's cut down
And then they mount their horses
And they journey back to town.
Three things trust and cherish well--
The horse on which you ride,
The beast that guards and watches
And your sister at your side!

I hope you enjoyed the lyric challenge, I may come up with more, so be on the look out.

The Phoenix
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