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surprise for LJ users

"Deep into the stony hills
Miles from keep or hold,
A troupe of guards comes riding
With a lady and her gold.
Riding in the center,
Shrouded in her cloak of fur
Companioned by a maiden
And a toothless, aged cur."

nightdrake you may know this, so you're out, but if anyone else can tell me where these few lyrics come from, I would give you the book by e-mail.

I do believe that someone else has this same song somewhere in their LJ...hmm?

It just kind of caught me offguard for a minute and now I seriously want to find the CD's that have songs of this nature on them. It would be nice to see something other than books around. I know where to find the CD's I just have not had the chance to acquire them yet.

The Phoenix
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