The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

comes around again...

OK all,

I have afew new readers, so forgive the repeat here.

For those who don't know already I have started a writers' community where I am beginning to post my writings, ghough it is in serious need of an update. For those who are in thank you for those who are not it is
It is under arienrod's muse as my interest in mythological beings is rather well known to most of my readers.
I have decided to take my losses and cut them as concerns the Spanish class, so I have sent

Dear professor,
I had talked with Cori and I gave her the tape that was messed for the reader to redo. She also gave me the workbook pages on a disk, but unfortunately
they were in a format the my computer could not read. I am finding that I will not be able to catch up because I am so far behind again. I have a few ideas,
but would like your feedback on them.
One of them is to audit the class and just get the jist of the readings from there and let COri off the hook. The class is already paid for, however if
I do this, Division of Blind Services will not pay for me to retake the class next year.
My second idea was to drop the class altogether, but to keep coming and sit in the back of the class room in order to keep my Spanish from faultering again.
Either way I would like to continue Spanish conversations with either you or someone because I really need the practice in speaking.
I would really like to thank you for being very understanding and patient with me. It is appreciated more than you realize.
I am extremely sorry it has come to this, but I have tried everything short of pulling my rather long hair from my head. I would have had this in Braille,
but I seriously thought the tapes would work, so I didn't mention it to Cori in part because the last time I had them in Braille my own teachers took the
initiative, and by this late date she will not have the time needed to get all of it in hard copy braille before the semester ends.
Thank you again and I hope your day goes well.

To my teacher in hopes that she will respond promptly. I also told Cori about the incomplete and she said that she's going to look for the theory book since she didn't tape over the tapes which was somewhat of a fear of mine. Though it will be Monday till she finds it for me as she was heading out the door for the weekend. So now...It's on to other things, which arent much save for the fact that I have finished the Mage Storms trilogy and enjoyed it very much. Now...though this will be later, I will need to go back and pick up the Last herald Mage trilogy and add that to my considerable knowledge of Valdemar lore. LOL If anything, that will be saved for Christmas break where I can sit at leisure and read to my heart's content, or maybe even Thanksgiving break.

So now, it's time for me to go off and do other things, such as...Hmmm...I dunno. I'm not doing homework tonight, so maybe I'll just relax with some good music.

The Phoenix
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