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I want to explode, explode, explode!!!!! It's a good thing I can keep temper bounder control or Cindy would have a raised voice menacing monster on her hands...
I'm beginning to think that I am a disorganized misfit who will never learn to do shit for myself as far as organization goes.
She is telling me that I need to this that and the other. Granted I had thought about doing some of this before she spouted, but I don't like the tone of voice and some of the attitudinal things she is using with me.
SHe is saying that out in the working world none of this will work, that university isn't the real world and that I'll never complete a job, never get anything done, never have anyone who will employ me if I keep expecting people to give me al lthis slack.

I am falling behind in muy PR class, and I feel bad because I am sort of taking ad vantage of the fact that Mary lets me e-mail stuff to her so I am given somewhat more tim than the others, but I am not expecting slack from anyone. I know there is a fine line between accomidation and just plain slacking off.
However the things that she is saying that I need to do are just driving me further away from them.
You need to drop this Spanish class
You need to finish this incomplete that has to be a priority
You need to drop the spanish cclass so you can focuse on the math class and the incomplete
She also wants me to consider rethinking being a Spanish major....and you all know my thought on that little thing.
After all of this, I had to ask her to call me back before I either exploded in her face so to speak or let my frustration show in a rathe long and exaggerated frustrated sigh.
Cori is very concerned....concerned that I too share, but concern that I am having a hard time getting around with herthrowingstuff back at me. Now however, we have a new set of problems...JPG files of work book pages. I could deal with JPDF's but JPT's are somewhat worse are they not?
She e-mailed them to me because they would not fit on a disk...hmmm, I wonder why? No that's not fair to her, I don't think she realized that the formatting was different this time than last.
She is a nice girl, and she deserves not to be let in on wrath that is not directed at her
I just kind of wish that someone weren't so stubborn. I feel like DBS counsellor isn't being fair and is doing all she can to beat me into submission. I don't like it. dI know she is trying to help, and I do appreciate that...but I just wish this semester could b e like lastsemester where despite all the odds, I managed to stay afloat of everything.

The Phoenix
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