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looks like the best situation is the one that blindgeek gave me...have some work for you, friend. I hope you don't mind converting about 25 PDF's, more if all is said and done...they are Spanish, so don't be surprised if you can;t understand any of them...

also poetprodigy7 suggested open book as someone else did. Only problem is I don't have my scanner hooked up to the laptop nor the printer. I'm not exactly sure where either of the software CD's are, and I'm about to call Chris over to see whether she can't help me by going on the internet for such things...ah...the joy of having sighted assistence...not. OK so sometimes it's necessary, and I'm not denying that, but still feel like I rely on others too much. Sometimes it's willingly like today, but...

So, I went out and got the latest version of acrobat reader, and when I pulled up the documents, the program said that the document was either a scanned image that needed OCR or a malformed document. That is the reason your suggestion looks like the best way out, sorry for making you work, though. It's just I really don't want to drop the class, but if I haave you do this, it'll be a termal or semester per semester basis...which means this won't be the last time you see things of this nature from me. I am on to the last book of the mage storms after having finished the mage winds...gods!!! I am seriously going to have to think about readers anonomous if this keeps up. I've never found books so wonderfully intoxicating. OK...maybe I have...Brian Jackques and Anne McCaffrey have the same affect as do most of Terry Brooks books, but still...I don't have any of them on the computer, so as a recourse....well at least one or two of you know the love for the place I have...I don't really want to call it an opsession, because to my mind it's not because I can think of other things and actually concentrate on school stuff, so there we are.

And now on to other things...mainly wrapping this up for the night since I am babling now. I hope you all take care of yourselves.

The Phoenix
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