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wooo hooo!!!!

good news readers!!!

The kitten still lives!!!!!! Yayayayayayayayayayay!!! Only problem is, Dad still calls her AC because acording to mom he doesn't like Keemico. But...I do...and she friend Aerikah told me earlier just to namer and fuck it, but I'm not that disrespectful to the parents. I just wish there was a way to get him to see that she doesn't like the name. I really think Keemico fits her, but that's just me. Mom also reminds me that she is not my cat and that dad can name her anything he wants...true, but I just have a feeling that she won't come to him by that name for much longer.

In any case, I did absolutely no homework yesterday. Instead...I got lost in the world of...most of you should know this...LOL...I sort of started the Mage winds books afger finishing owlknight...OK so maybe I'm reading out of order, but I'm not exactly caring at the moment. However, the Valdermar break day means homework crammed next three days. LOL Oh well, I guess it shouldn't be all that bad since my PR chapter isn't all that long and the poetry chapters are short...I just felt I needed a break from everything and it didn't take much encouragement from the nibling corner of my mind that, read, read!

I do need to call Alene sometime today to get the interview done, but since that is something that she will be taking until next Thursday, I'm not all that worried yet.

Wish me luck on Spanish you alls.

The Phoenix
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