The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

godsmacked man!


I am going to unconfuse one of my readers here, before they go completely if others wish to skip entry go ahead..

totally blind, everything or most things on the comp like everyone eles? yes.

Want to know how?

We call them screen readers. You my call them text to speach programs. LOL

What they do is turn everything on the screen in to speech or braille, depending on the preference of the user. I have both, but that's just me.
That is how I can read my own convos, e-mails, websites and all that good stuff without having eyes around all the time.
It is also how I do most of my writing, no, all of my writing, including in here.
The reason I say blind friendly sites is because flash and things don't work well with the screen readers. They are working on that, but flash sites are a pain to get to. Luckily the site you sent me to didn't hav a flash intro, though the juke box is out of the question....unless you can somehow use it without flash? I'd like to get to the music more than the any case. Words like "see" "watch" and that sort of thing are used with us because it sounds better than lestening to things and feeling

I hope we can continue to talk...from the short conversation wt had, you seem really cool. Smiles.

and... :d and :p are these like smileys or what...just sort of curious.

The Phoenix
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