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weekend news and cuts follow

No school, readers,

So I don't go back to school on Monday or Tuesday, and maybe not even Wednesday.

Even though Ivan is out in the gulf a bit and the only thing we might get are strong winds, higher than usual tides and a bunch of rain, the following e-mail makes it very clear that caution is the order of the day here.

To All FGCU Students:

Due to Hurricane Ivan, FGCU WILL CLOSE Monday and Tuesday, September 13 -
14. The University plans to reopen on Wednesday, September 15 unless
conditions warrant.

Everyone is encouraged to check local radio and television weather news
for the latest information on Hurricane Ivan. Also, our own WGCU - FM
90.1 and WGCU television cable channel 3 will broadcast the latest
information on the Hurricane as well as updates on the University's
status. Always check your email and the University's Website at
for updates. You may call the
following phone numbers for updated information as well: (239) 590-1001
FGCU's main phone line; (239) 590-1900, the FGCU police department; (239)
590-7145 Alico Arena Hurricane shelter.

Tim Wise, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Florida Gulf Coast University

As you have probably learned through other emails, the University will be closed on Monday and Tuesday in anticipation of Hurricane Ivan. Regarding evacuation
to Alico Arena, we will continue to monitor the progress of the storm over the next 48 hours; if our area is put under a hurricane warning, it is likely
we will be required to evacuate. We will provide you specific instructions at that time in terms of items to bring to the Arena, etc.

Regarding campus services - The Commons Building, food services, the recreation center, and the aquatics center will be open on Sunday during regularly
scheduled hours. Online library services will also be available through Sunday. The Counseling Center and Student Health Center will be open on Monday
and Tuesday from 10:00AM until 3:00PM. The availability of other services on Monday and Tuesday will be announced within the next 24 hours. Continue
to check emails for this additional information.

Finally, look for publicity on a special Sunday program open to all residential students!!

Thank you for your continued cooperation!

Office of Housing & Residence Life

In other nnews, I feel like screaming!! I have done two more Spanish assignments, but at the rate I'm going it will take me all week to do them. I feel like I am getting nowhere with them and I just want to curl up and say forget it. I wont, I Know I can do this, but right now it just feels like I'm floundering and I don't know how to tread water again.
The following e-mail is what I sent to the teacher explaining why it took me so long and is still taking me forever. I seriously hope she doesn't think I am making stupid excuses here. Especially since this the second one I've sent. The first one didn't go into as much detail, though.

Dear Professor,
I have two more assignments for you, one was done right before I went home for Hurricane Ivan and the other was just done today.
As I said before, it is taking me a very long time to do these because of the nature of how I have to do them. The way the tapes are set up is that the
questions are done after the readings, then the workbook assignments are done after that. In order to make the answers better understood by you I write
out the question including the correct answer. This means that I write the question, then go back through the readings to find the answer. The rewinding
and fast forwarding needed in this process is very time consuming and at times, though the reader is good, it is difficult to tell between some of the
consonant and vowel sounds, especially on the R's and L's. As most of the words need the correct spelling, this makes it a real challenge to spell them
out as I am finding it difficult to tell the breakdown of the words even after repeated rewindings and relistenings. This is one of the biggest hinderances
in that I have to depend on reader's pronunciations without being able to see the word in print. In electronic format, I have a computer program that supports
a braille display which can break down words letter by letter. I am finding that over all I understand the readings, but it is a challenge to get the smaller
It took me the better part of yesterday just to do this one assignment. As a result I am falling behind in my other classes and am becoming frantic and
anxious. I have not explained all this to Corey as I have not had the time due to the closing and leaving of staff and students for the hurricane. I was
wondering if there was any way that I could have the book in electronic format either online or on CD. I have a device that displays text in Braille and
I believe that having the book in that format would grately enhance and improve my learning in your class. I could do my assignments more rapidlly and
efficiently. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the time needed in doing the work because I am a very single minded person. I work and work at
something until it gets done, sometimes to the exclusion of all else.
I truly enjoy the class and do not want to drop it, but with the time it takes to do assignments I am not sure what else to do. I feel extremely guilty
for not getting the work you expected from me done and wish to express that in this e-mail. I do not wish to make silly excuses here, as this class is
the first Spanish one I have had in nearly a year. I am glad to be in it, as it is refreshing much of my forgotten knowledge of grammar. I have not discussed
this matter with Corey yet but I plan to contact her through e-mail or phone.
I will continue to work on my assignments and hopefully will have them finished when we have our next class.
Also with the University possibly being closed on Monday, I was wondering if we could reschedule our conversation for later on in the week.
PS (for Corey) I didn't mention all of this to you because I had started the assignments after we met. I truly am grateful for all you have done and are
continuing to do for me.

As you can see from the bottom, I also carbon copied it to Corey. I hate doing this, though, because I feel like I let someone down somewhere. Maybe it's my self or the two people mentioned in the e-mail,maybe it's even Cindy as indirect as that is. I just feel like I didn't do something right, that maybe if I would have just tried a little bit harder...
In any case, I know what Corey's going to say...and it won't be pleasant. I took responsibility for my disorganization, I took responsibility for the fact that I did stuff wrong...what more do they want?

So now�I'm off to do more homework.

The Phoenix
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