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Home now

Hello all,

I am home now and have found out that the little one has developed diarrhea. She is still eating well and still is very frisky, but Mom says that it is not a good sign. Please, oh merciful heavens, don't let this happen!! I want this little one to live a long and happy life!!!!
In the meantime, dtomorrow will be another day of homework, and I am hoping to sit down in earnest with this sSpanish stuff and get it done. I would also like to set up an appointment with my PR client, but we'll see how that goes. I may have to draft something, send it to Mom's e-mail since I am currently without a printer here because it is down at university.
In the fact of that, I may not be able to get things done on time for that class either...I tell you what, this semester has been one big mess!! I hope to the stars it smooths out!!! Or I will seriously go to pieces!!! OK so may be I won't and I know I'll make it through and all of this will make me a stronger person, but at the moment I feel like a cork being tossed on the sea of complete and utter insanity.

The Phoenix
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