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I can't do this...

OK I'm trying to stay positoive here all, but it's not at all easy.

At this rate it'll take me all weekend to do this Spanish stuff not to mention the rest of the stuff I have to do for the rest of my classes. Thank the Gods I have more books for the weekend this time around. I have my third assignment done, but I've still got three more to go. I know my teacher's gotta be fed up with my lame ass escuses, and maybe they are, but at the moment, I have nothing else to do.
I need to start making a serious assignment list so I can gather all the assignments I have due on the same day all in one place. I've made focus on folders that contain only one thing, and that had made things so much easier, but it's still a bit tricky with having to do the rewind and fast forward deal with the tapes. At least with English I knew how things were spelled. With Spanish it's a bit different. He's a good reader, don't get me wrong, it's just that sometimes I have a hard time telling between his R's and L's. And sometimes he runs his words together just a bit too much...sure there's the linking sort of things, but when you lose enunciation, you have a bit of an all day doing this off and on means that nothing else got done...yet again.
yea insomnia is still around...however the latest post does not bode well for Jemaika SP.I swear, if I weren't so....overwhelmed at the moment.....focus on, Ivan would be the main stay of the day...I just hope the people there are wise enough to stay safe and I am keeping all of them in my thoughts. Good great Gods and bright havens, this hurricane season is going to do us in yet!!!With it going the way it is, Jacksonville may not be the only one recovering from the aftermath of Ivan the Herrible. Comment if you want the explanation of that last remark...Anyway I suppose this may be the last post I make before going home. Sorry for the lack of backdates, guys. I will continue them after everything settles again and I actually can find the time to sit down and read through them.

The Phoenix
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