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OK all readers,

I'm frantically and extremely damned faust!!

OK so I now have the spanish tapes I need for the assignments and I have two of them done and am trying my damnedest to work on the third, but with the questions at the end of the readings and the readings in front and me having to rewind and fast forward through them it is near impossible for me to sit and focus on what I am doing. I am forgetting half the time what the question is and byt e time I get to the question, the answer has gone out of my mine.
I am two weeks behind and am trying to to two weeks assignment in a matter of hours beforeclass...OK stupid, I know, and I was trying to get them mostly done this morning. I'm supposed to have them in today, but I may only have half of them to turn in as this is very time consuming....if anyone, and this means...anyone.....!!! uses book share pleas IM me or e-mail me. I'm looking for "A Que si," so at least i can have the reading in front of me.....meow!!!!!!!

Squeeeel!!!!! OK so i'm a big today and the phoenix is also screeeaming!!!!!! I can't do this!!!! I can't, can't, just can't!!!

The Phoenix
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