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Hello all readers,

OK last night was kind of interesting because mom wanted me to show her how to get to the shuddle stop. So I started walking Mom said that I had found a tree that had fallen all the way across the sidewalk. I mean...all the way. The roots wer on one side of the sidewalk and the leaves and trunk stretched past the other side of the sidewalk.
So Mom took me around it, and other than a nice big puddle, the rest of the trip was uneventful. I got her there and back with only one other memmory lapse on where to cross the street coming back, but other than that, notmuch happened.
I just now called my DSO to have someone come pick me up due to the tree, so now I wait. LOL She didn't sound too happy about having someone come out to pick me up, but maybe she was just tired or for Ivan. I've been tracking the storm on the news and he's dropped to cat two and is off the coast of Barbados. NPR says that he will cut across the windward islands sometime today or tomorrow...if he's dropped this rabidly, maybe he will be short lived?

The Phoenix
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