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Hello all readers,

I'd like to say thank you to all of you who have been praying or sending me good vibes for the last couple of days. It has been much appreciated. But please keep them coming. I am not yet out of the woods. Ivan is on his way and I feel as if there are two more storms out there. If this is true, we could have a straight line sweep of storms across the US with the energies overlapping close enough where I will get the effects of all four storms. It seems as if sometimes the storms can merge and transfer energy from one to the other...if this happens, Ivan will have the same sort of senter organization as frances...which explains why he's already a cat four...and have his own form. Gaston will transfer his spead...or winds or something to that effect to Hermione...that is if Gaston hasn't already discipated...I don't know whether I should be saying all this here, but I just feel as if it needs to be written. I am very energy and atmosphere sensitive as most readers know. This entire semester is going to be rather interesting as the merge will be right around midterm weekk, if all falls out the way I suspect it will. Let me clarify

They will not be direct effects, but effects nonetheless. Francess discipates leaving to Ivan her organization. SO therefore, not only am I getting the effect of Ivan's energies, but the leftover energies that frances allowed him to gain. Same with Gaston and Hermione. The two storms spinnoffs will over lap somewhere...causing a tremendous amount of energy to be in one place at a single point in time. That energy wil be able to be felt for miles from the actual merge there we are. Maybe you guys think I'm crazy and maybe I'm over exaggerating, but I am seriously going to have one fucked up energy schedule.

In other news, we now have a new addition to the family. It is a kitten, but dad is keeping her in quarantine because there is a possibility that it could have feline aids. If it does he is not going to keep it because of Colin. If it does not, however, it will be a good companion for him, or so I hope. Send any extra energy to her as well, please. I've been doing my part by using my reiki on her and praying myself. Colin has even given me the impression that he is doing what he can to help her stay.

However, I am finding that I can speak with her...yes you read correctly. My dad is calling her AC which stands for Alley cat. From the first I didn't like that name. It's too Generic even for my rather plain tastes...LOL There are just way too many that I know of who have done that. I also get the feeling, from speaking with her, that she doesn't like it either. She wants to be called Keemico or Zoe. This was confirmed when I spoke with another friend of mine who has the gift. She, the friend, says that if dad keeps the name AC that she will find away to escape the house and run away. She won't care if that leaves colin all by himself. The friend says that that's not her problem. Which makes sense in a way, I know some children who don't like their names and have them legally changed in order to have the names they do prefer. Anyway, I'm already attached to little Keemi...I do call her that, but not when the parents are around...maybe that's wrong of me, but I just really don't care at the moment...and I don't want to see her leave due to Dad's unwillingness to change the name. How, though, do you tell you're father that you have spoken to an animal when he doesn't even believe in religion or anything associated with it? I tested his reaction...when I told him she didn't like AC and his immediate response was, "How do you know the cat doesn't like it?" The question was all like yeah right and stuff�just the tone of his voice was all like there's no way that that can be possible. I fell immediately upon Keemico or Quimiko...because of certain dream sequences I've had over the years in which a certain persona...was called that. It also came from a friend's cat that I remember from a long time back. In fact the name was in my mind even before the dreams, as Steve and Amy's Himalayan who had the name Keemico was around when I was only eleven or twelve, way before the dream sequence. SO Keemico's origins stretch back to childhood history and I've always wanted to name a girl cat keemico. I think it's a unique name and I really like it. However, ,the ultimate choice is not mine because dad is the one who found the little one and he has the last say, but I'm afraid that she'll not like him because he has given her a name she doesn't like.
Mom doesn't want to name the cat until she knows it's safe and she says that she doesn't hold up much hope for the kitten because of the weak positive that showed up when they tested her. She says it's like "I'm a little bit pregnant." You either have it or you don't
Since it was a weak positive, the vets think it could be residual from it's mother. She also had a little bit of an eye infection which dad cleared up with some drops that the vet gave him.

Since she is in quarantine, we wash our hands and all that after we have been around her. I don't like her being back there in the laundry room, though. She's lonely back there with no contact with anyone or anything. They won't let colin in there at all because of the fear of him catching the aids virus. I try to go in there at least six or seven times a day to let her know that she isn't alone. The thing is, I'm leaving today to go back to FGCU, and that is going to leave her alone on my side of the hous for the next week and a half or so. I guess it's because I was so lonely for the last three years before I came down here that I don't like seeing anything being lonely. I know what it's like to be lonely and it's not a fun feeling in the least.
I so wish I didn't have to go back to school. I don't want to have to leave her all alone. I mean, I know there are ways to come back and see her without physicality...thoughts of her and that sort of thing, but it's not the same as being here with her.
Dad broght her home on Thursday evening and she has to be in quarantine for two weeks. I've been here for the last four days or so, but for the next ten voice, no music no nothing except for my mom and dad dging in and out of the laundry room. And when both of them are gone to work, the poor little one will be completely alone in an empty house with a fellow cat that she can't even see or get to...I really think it's torture....and it's not fair to her. I know why they're doing it, and I understand that it eliminates the risk to my precious Master Colin...but it's almost like having two children that know each other are there, but they can't get to each child is old enough to know why�and the other child is not and is frustrated because of the unknowing...I get the feeling she knows why, but to her it doesn't make it any easier.
Anyway now that I'm done ranting, happy Labor Day to all those who live in the States.

The Phoenix
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