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Hello all readers,

Forgive the rant here and this will probably bring out more of the things that have set me outside the Christian box, but here we go....
Intuition on the hurricane says that it is in the bahamas near the b triangle and is heading tward the east coast where it will make land fall and move from the tip of Florida and sweep the east coast, I don't know in what direction until it spins off into the ocean again to pick up more strength. Then the edge of it will hit the tip of UK and then again itwill spin into the ocean where it will discepate when it reaches a trench of

We'll see how right I am. Anyway I feel nauziated, crampy, heated and all shaky. No longer frightened, though. Worried because I heard it will hit Virginia, and if my directions aren't off it just might...but I don't know my cardinals very well, so I couldn't tell you which way it would have to go to hit VA. All I know is my little sister...not living there. She e-mailed me yesterday and I e-mailed her back. She also messaged me today which was a thrill for me. I always get excited when she e-mails or messages me. She is such a neat person, I love her very much.
Anyway. I'm very out of soorts right now, so forgive me for rambling. I just need to do something in order to keep my mind from straying back to Frances.
I can feel the storm, all you guys...actually feel it in my being, something I was not able to do with charlie. If I just think about the storm I know where it is. With Charlie I had to think, then focus. With this one...just thinking brings it out.'s always in the back of my mind, always there. Always seeming to show me where it this a good or bad thing? I don't know. I'm just writing to keep myself occupied. As I've said before I wouldn't trade anything I have for anything, it's just at the moment I feel as if I could sit here and if I focused long enough become part of the storm itself. I'm not sure whether to make this public or not...but I guess I will since it deals with the storm...LOL

I'm still shaky and nervous, but like I said I'm no longer frightened. Don't get me wrong, I have a helthy amount of respect for these natural disasters....but the respect is not based on fear, but it is based on my respect for nature as a whole.
So until next time all readers....

The Phoenix

PS I am going home tonight, so I don't know when the next time I will be posting is.
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