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Latest news readers,

Corey called me and said that they are not supposed to make their decision on evacuation till after the eleven o'clock AM news tomorrow. They're hoping not to have to evacuate everyone till around six or seven PM tomorrow.
here is the e-mail that I've recieved from the housing department.

>As you already know, it may be necessary to evacuate all FGCU residential students due to Hurricane Frances. A final decision regarding evacuation will
be made at around 11:00AM tomorrow (Friday, September 3). All residents will be notified of the decision immediately along with specific instructions
regarding the evacuation. AT THIS TIME, it is anticipated that, if necessary, evacuation would occur no later than 7PM on Friday, September 3.

When the evacuation time is established, all residential students will be required to report to Alico Arena or leave the campus. You will not be allowed
to remain in your on-campus apartment. All residential students will remain at the arena until the storm subsides and it is determined by the University
Police Department that it is safe to return to the residence halls. Because all life-safety systems are electronic, residents will not be permitted back
into the residence halls until power is restored.

Families of students who are on-campus will need to evacuate to Germain Arena and residents are welcome to remain with their families. Alico Arena is available
to residential students only.

It is our concern that all students remain safe during this serious weather and that decisions to leave the campus are made with safety in mind. Students
are encouraged to contact their families about whether to remain on-campus or travel home. If you decide to leave campus at any time from this point forward,
please inform your Resident Assistant, Resident Director, or if necessary, the Main Reception Desk.

Thank you for your cooperation and we will keep you informed about potential evacuation procedures.

I will most definitely be home by then, so I am very much relieved, but stil nerve racked. The storm feels like it's increasing in strength, but I could be just over sensitive right now.
I'm hoping I'm that, because anymore five.
I've wridden out cat four with 70 MPH winds, but this entire system is making me just a bit nervous and is putting me on the very edge of being abit frightened.
I'm not ashamed to admit I'm scared that I may lose friends to this, especially ones in Miami and Lodderdale if they decide to go home.
My room mates are leaving with others, but Jessica was asking if I was OK. Umm...yeah just a bit out of it, that's all. I love my gifts, wouldn't trade them for any price or anything, but I don't think Florida's the best place for a developing one such as any rate, I will be home with the laptop and I'll be sure to charge it up so that I can do the crazy thing and update the tracking again. Maybe this time it'll be a cleaner entry, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. I'm not even guaranteeing I'll be able to post as my regular phone is out of service...LOL

Till next time, charished ones...

The Phoenix
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