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Hurricane update

Hello all,

They have now closed campus for today and tomorrow. Monday is Labor Day so that doesn't amtter.
Now, however, they are talking about evacuating us out to Aleeko Arina. Depending on when that is, I may have to tell mother to come and get me from there, and this may ruin my weekend for posting as I doubt they will want me bringing my big laptop bag with me to the arina.
It's a 155 MPH and moving at 10 MPH and the eye is twenty miles wide or so.
So...there we are, She's a big storm and rather nerve racking as I am very energy sensitve and this makes it so much more interesting. I am still not sure where it will hit, though nearly all of the state is under a hurricane warning and apparently this is history making because Florida has never gotten two hurricanes in one season.
If we don't evacuate until tomorrow, Mom will come here to pick me up. If we evacuate tonight, I will have to tell her to come pick me up at Aleeko Arina which is not to far from the university.
I will take the time, though I have a good feeling I will make it through this, to tell all of my friends here on this that I love and appreciate you and all you've done for me. It's good to know that all of you are here for me.

The Phoenix
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