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Hello all

I'm awake this morning to tall you all that Mom has decided to come pick me up for the weekend because of Hurricane Francis.
Also, the person reading my spanish book says I am supposed to have a total of eight tapes, I turned in only five of those eight and found one more...I'm missing towo,, those who know me personally save Fran, know that I will get frantic when I can't find domething and I go bugnuts till I do find it, so you can just imagine the franticity of my mood at the moment....someone is coming to pick me up for the class and since my room is fairly clean, I'm thinking of maybe getting her eyes in here. We'll see how much time we have before class, though.
Anyway, I should be able to post over the weekend as I am bringing the laptop home and I can write in word and update in about o...five or ten mins with the line. I'll be home all day frieay...and I have no regular phone, so the cell will have to suffice, for those who have it.
At any rate, Mom's safety for me is running at an all time high, but I would have asked if she could take me home anyway as I have about two or three loads of laundry that need doing and I don't feel like paying an assload to do it. Coin operated Uni machines need to die!!!

Till next time,
The Phoenix
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