The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

more ramblings on Jaci

I wish I could do yesterday over again. I could've sat and listened to her all night last night I wish I could see her again. I only spent a little bit of time with her, but I already miss her. I really do hope I can see her again, and sit in decent up close seats. I love her, and I really miss her. I wish I could have got to know her better, I guess that's would this feeling is. I guess I miss her, because of the way we talked. Like friends do, all casual and stuff, like we'd known each other since we were kids or something. I think the only other famous singer I know who would do that is Gloria Estefan maybe, Kathy tracole might do that, well, I just keep coming up with people, my pastor is quite famous locally and I see him every week or so. I bet that Plus One would have chatted with me if I had been in their line, or maybe not, I don't know. She reminds me so much of the Lord and so much of myself, so up beat and highly energized. She said the year had been crazy "some like sixty cities and 80 days. Be on tour from now till Jesus comes. No, only joking." That's another thing she kidded and joked around on stage something I've noticed a lot of performers, mainly singers, don't do. What a night, Thank God for the night.
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