The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Lion's club

I woke up at seven o'clock this morning and fed the cat. Mom left for work and I went on the Internet for the next two hours to clean out my hotmail inbox. After that I had ravioli, which I cooked in the microwave for almost too long. Mom called and told me that we would have to contact Dug Valoor about the District meeting of the Lions Club after she got home.
When she came home she called and found out that it was where Eric had his boy scouts. We went to the four o'clock math class, stayed at the university and worked on my Spanish workbook, which was due in a matter of forty minutes or so.
Right after Spanish class we left for the District meeting. We heard Sandy Mathina speak about Leader Dog and what they're doing to improve the school. She talked both about the dogs and the school, which I appreciated. Most of the people who came to the school for the Blind talked mainly about themselves and how the dog helped from day to day. She told us many stories of how children were teaching adults that they should not pet the dogs while they are in service. We did not leave there until about 09:30 Pm.
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