The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

TV is....bad!!!

I've been trying to avoid the TV, but about fifteen minutes ago I couldn't because my parents were watching it, and my door was open, I guess I could have shut it, but I was about to leave the room, so I felt there was no reason to do so. I left the room to put my glass in the sink, at 09:00 Pm, my mom and I sat down to do math, we did math for over an hour, and she got somewhat frustrated, because I was messing up my division. After that I went into my room with a glass of water, so when I was going to the kitchen and returning to my room, I couldn't avoid the ''TV. I wrote some more in my novel, which I'm going to do again. After that I'll say my prayers and go to sleep.
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