The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

hospital and classes

I awoke at seven today to feed the cat. I got dressed and went to sleep for another hour I awoke again and prepared for my trip to Chicago. While in the car I emersed myself in memories and imaginings. I also listened to my Spanish homework. We got to our destination and my dad made it without turning on the radio. When we were at the hospital, my dad was careful to sit where I could not hear the television. There was no music. We were at the hospital for about two hours for my appointment. I slept all the way home. When I arrived home, I slept again. Mom woke me up to eat and take me to class. I rode with both my parents to class and on the way home, during my classes they went to Sam's club, thereby helping me by not taking me with them. We came home and while they're watching a movie, I'm listening to my English book. I probably won't go to bed until late again since I slept most of the day.
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