The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

average day

I awoke just after seven and fed the cat and went to sleep again.
I awoke again around 9. I found that Dad had already gone to IUN'S campus. I worked on my writer's profile with the help of a program by the name window Eyes. This program is a screen reader. It reads everything on the screen, for example, I can type a letter and since it comes up on the monitor it will read it to me. My computer was acting up and frustrating me, so I turned it off for the day. Dad took me to class and thankfully did not turn on his radio in his car. Mom picked me up and took me home then we went to the Lake Station and Hobart libraries I found I had renewed the four Spanish books I had out too many times and would have to return them at a later time. We went to Sam's club next. We went shopping and I could not avoid the music. It did take me about a minute to realize they were playing it. We left and came home and I went to bed and woke up to dad's ranting and raving over videotapes of all things. I also wrote some more in my novel today.
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