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two new peoples

Hello all,

Sorry if this is uncomfortable for either of you, but I do this with all newbies...or most anyway...
the two newest are xolunagoddessox and poetprodigy7
welcom aboard.
I am finding that we all have a lot in common...especially us, PP as I found two others on your friends list that I just happen to know personally...and the phoenix connection was a complete unexpection...if that's even a word...I am a self confessed phoenix addict....and as you can see...I sighn that at the bottom of entries. LOL
In any case, welcome to both of you.

Now on to other news, I found out that my Spanish tapes have fallen out of order and I am having problems putting them backk in order because I can not seem to find chapter names at the beginning of tapes and it sucks. Corey is going to help me, but she says that she will take responsibility for the tapes not being labelled and nothing else...which means my responsibility is to be more organized and tell her things more rapidly.
I finally got my last Spanish lesson out for the Hadley school Spanish course, thank the took me forever, and I told the teacher she'd have it by now and I feel totally bad when I tell someone something and then it doesn't work out the way it's supposed to...when I commit to something, it's with my all, it may not seem like it at times, but it is true. It's just the way I am.
It's been another long day, but it's been pretty uneventful for the most part...except for a conversation with a girl, Amy. We started talking about God and stuff and I think I gave her a skewed version of me...I'm sort of Christian, but not as much as I used to be. We started talking about churches and I told her about my experience with the UPC church which most readers know of. She asked me about the church here on campus and why I wouldn't go back...and I tried to keep it in a Christian perspective...but overusing the Bible came out. She is a very Christian oriented person...and the over use thing was kind of well...unsettling to her, I think. I told her maybe I was putting it in the wrong perspective, but with my ever changing perceptions of things, I'm not exactly sure what perspective to go with at the moment. There are things that are still so new to me, things that I want to the native American ways, Wicca, even some other branches of Christianity...and religious science...just so much!! The research paper on Wicca and Christianity came up, and she was like, it still doesn't change what God says, I agreed with her to some degree, but I could have sat there all day in debate with her, so I left it alone. I agreed with her mainly because I didn't want to tread into deep waters where I wouldn't have anything to back up with, and it seemed to me to be the wisest course of action at the time. At least she acknowledge the fact that Christianity came out of pagan roots, I was pleased with that for there are some who won't even admit to that. There are some things in the Bible I thoroughly enjoy reading over and over...Psalm 91 for example and some others. However, I don't read the book as often as I probably should, LOL. I still pray, but it's more to the Universe now than an actual Godhead, if that makes any sense at all...if you want to know the honest truth...I pray to...the often as the we are.
I believe we need both to be in complete balance, which is something I never believed in about four years ago as I am finding out by my past
oops...didn't mean for that to come out, but it's there now, and it just confirms the statement of said school friend...LOL
Anyway I didn't mean for this to be so deep, but there we go. I hope all are well and please keep safe.

The Phoenix
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