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Hello all,

I've had a pretty interesting day today due to the fact that someone was trying o get a computer in the DS office to work properly.
He had moved the speakers from one computer to the other and in the process of plugging them in completely shut down the system by knocking said power source out of the power strip.
He was also thinking that was a cord missing to the scanner which there wasn't, it just wasn't plugged in and Corey had to find it for him.
I also met someone in my math class who took me to said class. His name was Steve and he was really cool.
After the math class he took me to the meeting of the Spanish club and left me there, but that was OK because someone else took me home.

I am noticing however, talking of math, that sometimes during my math class my mind will wonder, it is if my brain is saying, enough, goes off for about ten or twenty minutes...give or take...and then comes back to the task at hand. What's odd, however, is I seem to get everything he's saying even in the interim where my brain takes it's hiatuses. It's odd...but thank the Universe for that or I would be completely lost. It just seems though that I am having problems with some concepts and not others. I just hope I can get all this sorted before the first quiz.

The Phoenix
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