The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

What a day it has been I started my mass communication deprivation at 11-00 AM. I was home from church by then. I had mom take all my CD's out of my CD player. Mom had me help her with the dishes. I took a nap for about two or three hours and played a card game, casino with mom. She started supper and I helped her set the table after playing another round of Casino while waiting to put the bread and noodles on. We ate dinner. Right after dinner my dad went straight to the living room and turned on the TV. I told him to turn it down. I can still hear it here in my room with my door shut.
Mom doesn't understand why books are considered mass communications and dad doesn't understand why video games are the same. Mom read me a calendar and described the pictures to me I wonder if calendars are a form of mass communication. I can't write letters, at all, not to my sighted friends. I can't use the computer to write them. I thought maybe I could put them on disk, but I still have to use the computer to pull them up and print them out. This is going to be one long week. Mom made the comment "It's a lot quieter around here without any music or anything, isn't it," and when I helped her set the table she said, "Maybe I'll deprive you for the rest of your life. You've become so much more helpful to me," I said "Yeah you find a lot more things to do when you're not preoccupied with mass communication." I still think, though, that this will be one long week.
I still don't know what to write about for English class. I hope to think of something soon. I really don't want to do a political paper, but if I have to I will. I think the issues about open borders are becoming very interesting. Maybe I can compare and contrast the two articles from yesterday and today's papers.
My cat is an interesting one, he likes to play inside of bags, boxes. He likes to play with gloves, shoestrings, belts and lies behind the living room curtain. He chases playfully after our dog and chases bugs across the ceilings walls and floors. He also makes a yicking sound as described in LJB'S cat who books. I had some prayers answered today, I prayed throughout the summer that Demitre would come to school here in the fall and that he would be able to bring his mother to the states. I heard in Sunday school today, the Demitre is going to school in Valparaiso and that his mother is learning English so that she can visit the states. Praise the lord for answering prayers. Please continue to do so.
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