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extremely hot today

It was very hot today. The thermometer said 96 degrees, but it felt much hotter. I watched cartoons this morning from 6:30 to eleven o'clock each one was thirty minutes long. After that mom and I went to the beach from about 11:30 Am to about 2:00Pm.
I listened to my English book chapters one through four and wrote in my class journal. I wonder what I could do my papers on this year I know I want to do one for mass communication on Music mixing and how it influences the music medium and our culture and how it could be considered a form of art. It really fascinates me how they can make it look so easy which I believe there's more to it than I realize. I'm fascinated by the rhythms the mixers put behind an ordinary song and how they can change it into something I want to hear again and again. But what else can I write on since I found that using papers for other classes is considered plagiarism I guess I have to think of more topics. Maybe I will write on cats since I didn't get to in high school, or maybe on radios and how they affect us or television. Maybe with English I can write on the origins of writing and how it affected us, although that also has something to do with anthropology. Oh well I'll think of something, won't I?
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