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politics continued

This is a continuation of the tiscussion from yesterday.
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These things happened all in a matter of weeks. Jessica always reminded me about what the Bible said, "Bless those which persecute you. And "those who are persecuted will be blessed. We sent around a petition to be signed to get a room to pray and worship in. We never got the room. I remember being afraid that at any moment we would be called down to the principal's office to be questioned about what we were doing. The same person who reminded me of the Bible verses said that all the students should go even if only one was called, we knew who we were. But, this won't do for two to three pages, Sarah, Anything else? No not yet, I'm stuck. Stuck, I'm stuck. What's being stuck have to do with politics Stuck means you are stymied, can't think of things. That's not political so everything can't be political you get writer's block' that's what stuck is, writer's block. Prayer in school, Marylyn O'Hare, Beverly Lowry, Mark, her son, phone conversations, 1963 hoop skirts. Oh well, I still have writer's block. Poor me I'm stuck. Can't think of anything, what will I do. I can't do anything Prayer should be legal, what's with this church and state stuff, that's how the whole thing started, we were doing it after school, though, it's not as if we were disrupting classes we wanted to worship God, that's all. If people got mad because we were doing it after school how about when we started doing it during school? This is getting boring. I wanted to stop. I don't think I will, though. History class, it started with history class. We were talking about the constitution. The separation of church and state and how our nation was set on the foundation of God and why we should praise the nation's founders and God for that. This is what started the whole mess, then we got together and started talking about history class, got to talking about the Bible, and then we started talking about what praise meant to us, and we just started praising the lord and we were carried away in His spirit. We were having fun, bothering nobody, in a little used hallway under the girls' quad, we had both males and females in the group, people were attracted to the happy noise we made and we grew a bit. We started a prayer circle for those who did not know the lord and those who knew him were helping those who did not. It died down after a while and we even stopped, shame on us, but it influenced me politically because I know now how important prayer is. Now our school has implemented a 30 seconds of silence into the curriculum in the mornings. I know that prayer is schools is a political issue, but what about music mixing, which is a form of editing, and also a form of art, is that political, too? Bobby D, Too Cool Chris and the others around the globe mix different styles of music, such as house, freestyle, progressive, Euro and so forth. They do it because people like it and they also have an influence on the different cultures, but politics? Perhaps, though I seriously doubt it. What a perfect way to get stuck. Prayer and music, how much more opposite can it get. Music encompasses prayer a lot of the time, their are songs that are prayers and prayers are also put to music and made into songs. The Lord's Prayer for example it is one, which has been sung and put to music countless times. That, though, is the only prayer I can think of that has been put to music. There are even people who mix gospel hip hop. There are people who don't as well, those who Listen to But...

This next part is a hypothetical question on the issue of open borders

Speculations on the Issues of open boarders.
What would happen if by December thirty-first 2000 Mexico Canada and the United States had open boarders? Mexicans would flock to America in droves to escape the poverty situation in Mexico only to find the same situation here. I agree with the article in September 1 2000 Post Tribune that Mexico, needs to develop more before its President and his officials speak of open boarders. According to her article the wage gap between Mexico and the US remains the largest between the two countries with Mexican workers earning five dollars a day and Americans earning sixty dollars a day. I think open borders will eventually be established; not for the next ten, twenty or maybe even thirty years.
This part follows with a question on how helpful the text book was to us as students.

I found a lot of information in this book helpful such as asking the reporter questions I never really thought about doing out. The stuff about the computer was helpful too, though I may have a harder time doing some of the things they suggest like moving paragraphs and switching between files because every time I do it asks me if I want to revert to the saved document whatever it may be. Nothing in this text so far was not helpful. I didn't realize and revising and editing were always going on or could switch places although one of my high school English teachers impressed on us that writing was an ongoing process. I have always planned a paper made an outline wrote the first draft of my paper. Then I would revise it from that point on. Had mom proof read it and started revising it from that point on. I did have a hard time remembering what my original draft was, because I would revise it on the computer and forget to make a hardcopy of my original draft. It was always easier that way. Oh well enough for tonight. I'm tired anyway.
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