The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

class notes and discussion

This next entry are notes I took in class and a discussion on politics that the instructor wanted us to write.

First part is informal because dialog is different language different is opinion uses I which is mostly associated with informality bottom more factual, political first: more of Clarence's voice, style and he quoted others to support his argument and the bottom has more of a collective voice. The bottom one didn't quote anyone both are opinion 0and subject to analysis by anyone and their interpretation. Steve Johnson does not like Dr. Laura she preaches but does not practice Radio scold instead of radio host.

What's politics I have not a clue what politics is! I can't answer any of these questions, I don't know. Democrats, Republicans, Independents all political parties, but what, may I ask, differentiate one party from the next. I've heard republicans are more for the people, democrats, for government, but what of the independents. What about radical groups? Are they part of politics too? These questions I have. Can anyone answer them? Oh well on to politicians. Politicians, people who campaign for power, but what power, the right to tell us where our money goes? What right do they have to do this? Politics the thing that drives us crazy, a thing I can't seem to define. Something I know nothing, well ok, almost nothing about. I've never really paid much attention to what is and is not political. Definition, people, I need a definition so I can start answering questions. Politicians, crooked. Maybe, but they could also be beneficial. FDR was beneficial. Would he have been so if he were booted out of office earlier than he was? Was he our only handicapped president? I can't remember if he was or not.
Political ideas? Where do they come from? My parents, I guess. I have no Idea what a political idea is.
I used to wonder if prayer was a political issue. Mark Lowry talks of his mother's experience with Marylyn O'Hare, and about how O'Hare's atheism got prayer out of schools. I know that one time we almost got in trouble because of prayer and worshipping the Heavenly Father. IN was in my senior year at the school prayer was definitely not allowed there since it's a state school. A group of friends, including me met periodically to worship in the quads in a part of the hallway no one really walked through. We stirred up some people. People said we were satanic. "You're part of that Satanic group --------, is this true," a boy asked this of one of my friends. I was given a gift during that period of time, which I felt was a deeper relationship with Christ, we even had a prayer circle to pray for those who came who did not know the lord. This was after school, mind you. People were still getting upset because we were meeting in the hallway and supposedly blocking traffic. But may I remind you that the hallway we met in was little used.
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