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OK all,

I am in need of some technical assistance here.
I have discovered and killed a rather nasty virus known to most as the sasser worm. However, now even after I have done a virus scan and found no infections, my computer will not shut down all the way. I have to use the power button to completely shut the system off. It shuts down most of the way, but just before it shuts all the way down, it freezes. It does nothing but sit there and the fan will run at times to keep the system's interior!!! I do, not, want to have to reformat as I have none ofmy software here on campus with me and I am not sure exactly when I can get physical techs out here with eyes......please?

Egor....please? LOL...I'm not sure, but I think your the most techologically advanced one on my list...feel free to correct me anyone if I am mistaken, for I very well could be...

The Phoenix
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