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This is a biography that was actually written by me, but I have used a different name as it was to be written as an outside perspective. So in third person.

Sarah's Biography
Written by Naheah Devinger

Sarah Watts was born on March 14, 1980 to Roger and Dorothy Watts. She is the sister of Eric Norman watts, who was born on October 2, 19077. She grew up in a Christian family and has lived in the same area Lake Station (AKA the region) all her life. She came to know Christ at a very young age. She was baptized a twelve. She was very young then and didn't understand what it meant. She was seventeen and more mature.
She went to her cousin's church and was baptized again. She is totally blind, and went to a public school for four years.
After her second grade year she went to the Indiana School for the Blind and graduated from there. Sarah is starting her second year at Indiana University Northwest. She is an excellent student who carries a GPA of 3.93 and has made the deans list for the past two years. She hopes to keep this high GPA. She is majoring in communications and she says possibly Spanish. I myself, think there is no "possibly" about it. She told me that math may give her a problem, though. She believes, however, that it may be easier than she first realized. She has participated in many extra curricular activities. Some of these are: track for four years, ham radio club for two years, LEOS club for two years, clay class for one year barbershop singing for six years, girl Scouts for ten years. She also took piano and choir as classes for eight years. For piano she won a trophy cup for the points she accumulated over the years in contests she participated in. For choir, she sang in a coral festival with a group of her schoolmates. She was president of the Leos club for a year. For her years in track she won numerous ribbons and medals and even the Athlete of the week and Rookie of the Year awards.
Sarah has learned a lot since she went to the blind school. When she was quite young she used to whine and throw temper tantrums when she did not get her way. She was used to being waited on. When she went to the blind school however, that changed. It was hard for her to get used to it, be after a while she matured and quit her whining and complaining. She is just the opposite I've heard from those that are around her.
"Sarah never complains," say her friends, "Always has a smile on her face, a ready laugh and a good sense of humor." They also tell me in the barbershop choir she attends now that she is a breath of fresh air.
She spent her seventh and eighth grade years going with a boy who lived off campus and whom she met while spending time at the school's track. She took him to her first and last proms.
She dated three other boys and still keeps in touch with them.
The third boy friend, Ryan took her for her first limo ride to her junior prom and introduced her to Japanese animation, which she seems to enjoy. She also has another close male friend who calls her and she calls him. They talk mainly about dreams (weird ones) stories they're creating and school.
She also has a male friend who she has collaborated with to write a science fiction story. She also wishes to write a novel of her own although she says her work on this is coming along rather slowly. She writes to her favorite author Lilian Jackson Braun who answers her letters. She has shown what she has finished of her manuscript to an author who was at the Indiana School for the Blind. The author wrote her telling her she was interested in Sarah's character. Sarah also saw Gloria Velazquez when she was at Indiana University Northwest, and also at Borders where she had a book signing. Gloria gave Sarah a gift of one of her books and autographed it for her. She even got Gloria's address intending to write to her. Gloria inspired her to write poetry about certain topics she feels strongly. About, or aspects of her life she wishes to remember. As of right now she has only write these poems and read them to her mother. She has not shown them or the scifi story she is writing to anyone.
After she graduated from the Indiana school for the blind, she lost track of almost all of her senior class. She has heard information, but she is not sure if it's correct. She has also lost contact with a lot of her other friends. Most of them are scattered all over the states. Since she went to track meets, which included other blind schools, Sarah has friends in Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.
Most of them she has never seen since she left track or graduated. Her friends in Indiana, however, she tries to keep in contact with, but it's hard when they're in different, and faraway places in Indiana, such as: LaDoga, Gocian, Greensburg, greencastle, newcastle, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Munci, Columbus, Portage, LaPorte and Chesterton. The last three cities are closer, but she still never sees anyone from these cities. She has friends in the church youth group room, a certain member of the family is telling her that since she is twenty she is too old to be in the teen room, although she, herself, likes it. She has asked me what I think, and I tell her to do what she wants to. If she wants to stay there she can, if not that's her choice.
Her brother and she got along as well as any two siblings do, although she says she doesn't think they had as many arguments as other siblings she knows.
She and her brother would play with popoids, legos, go swimming in the pool (when their family had one). They would also play in the sandbox as children and do a lot of other activities together.
SARAH grew up in a loving family, and around people who love her and have given her lots of good advice and support. She knows it's a crazy world out there, but she still has a hard time with that prospect, she knows unpleasant things could happen to her, but she puts her trust in the Lord to keep her away from sick and crazy people. She praises Him for continuing to watch over her. Her mother prays the same thing, that her daughter, Sarah, will never meet anyone who is sick crazy or otherwise perverted.
Right after she graduated she had back surgery and was in the hospital for one week. There she met two girls, Amanda (who she needs to write) and Shawna (who hasn't written her a word). Amanda is about 13 or 14 and Shawna is about 16 or 17. She has Amanda's email address and doesn't have any thing from Shawna who said, "Give me your address and I'll write you," She misses a lot of her friends, because she can't see them and all she has is email and the telephone. She has had boys pursue her, but all but one or two do not interest her. At transition weekend, she had at least four or five boys around all the time she liked all these boys save one. This boy said that he doesn't remember her anyway so she doesn't have to worry about writing to him. The other ones she lost touch with, Keith and Donnie. I was wrong the other two Ryan and KEVIN she keeps track of Ryan, I believe, more than Kevin. That weekend Sarah says, was a good experience, but geared more toward those who had some vision.
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