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OK all,

I have combined most of what i'm interested in into a comunity...all except for the sage...which I couldn't seem to fit, but most of it is there.

So here we are...
In other news, I have my scanner, printer, set of speakers, headphones and microphone. Mom came down to bring them to me and brought Grandma with her so that was kind of interesting. She can't walk all that much anymore, so we didn't stay long at the shopping center that was near here, but we got what we needed, which was a power cord so we could plug everything in that Mom brought down. She also went to publics so I could buy some soda which was cool. I got Doctor Pepper, though instead of Mountain Dew. Felt like a change.
Then she went into this whole thing about how you put yourself at risk when you go out drenking because of what people expect that goes along with drinking...sort of the below the belt thing....damn it!!! She's also going on about how bars aren't really good places to meet people and form long lasting tell me where else I'm supposed to go around here? There's no where close that I can walk to like there was at Tallahassee, there's no little restaurant off campus that I can get to with a reasonable amount of safety except for taking a cab...and that can become rather Sometimes she's way too pesimistic for me. I know what can happen, I've read about it in other places...and I'm not saying it won't happen to me, but I just feel like I have a lot of security on campus and that's most likely where I'll be staying because of the financial situation I'm in at the moment
Anyway....she was saying that all she said will just go in one ear and out the other becauseI'll do whatever I want and that years later I'll be wishing I'd listened to her...damn it!! I wish you would trust me!!! Trust me, damn it!!! I feel so helpless around that woman.!!!!!. I'm beginning to not stand it!!! I'm beginning to find it unbearable!! Can't we just have a day without these parental advice lectures? It seems that after I got myself sick by my own stupidity, she's doing it more often...gods and bright havens...just stop!!!! OK so maybe I'm proving her point, here, but it justseems like these same issues come up every damn semester and I'm getting tired of it all. I just wish she'd understand that I do listen to her, but it's extremely hard sometimes, and half the time the reason I do listen to her is because it's common sense. and she's hoping that my sell phone bill won't show so many minutes being used because I'm supposed to be studying and all...the worst procrastinator am I. LOL that I've shown everybody my community, I suppose I should put something there...maybe I'll do that tomorrow, though or later tonight. It is a rather interesting piece of work, thank you calya for the suggestion. LOL...smiles.

The Phoenix *in both places* though I may sighn the Rowan or something the comunity more often than not...LOL I don't know whether that is alowed or not, but there we are...smiles
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