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So...I get up...a nd again I screw up...
I totally didn't do my spanish lesson till today, and I didn't get to the commons which means it's still sitting here in the envelope waiting to go out.
I talked to a few people on MSN today, Monte Cristo being one of htem. He and I also talked on skype for a good long time before I went off to do my Spanish lesson.
during that Doreen called and so I talked ot her for a bit, then got off and did the rest of my lesson. I got my room mate Jessica to help address the envelope, but she didn't know the address here, so we couldn't return address it which kind of sucks.
So then I went to Baldies using the blus service again with the help of Jessica who walked me to the launder mat where they were meating. I went and came back, then went to our place for a bit after talking with Steve for a bit.
We had a lot of good people in there. Jack, Steve, Becky, Marlena, Carrie from California and Veronica as well as myself. We did a lot of music listening and a lot of it was really awesome...Blind Fury rocks!!!!!
Anyway I was beginning to yawn a lot more than I would like, so I went away...and also this headache I seem to have is making me feel irritable and snarky. I didn't want to snap at anyone or get unreasonably snappish, so I felt it was time for me to leave before my patience left me.
yesterday was a lonely night, tonight was a night full of people...and I just kind of still feel alone, Jessica went home for the weekend, she said Jill was supposed to be back and I've yet to see her.I'm not sure what to make of this first week or my room mates yet.
I feel free yet I still feel like Im caged or trapped somehow, I'm free yet I'm still not still I feel....sort like I'm missing something. Like something's not there that's supposed to be.
I'm free, yet I still feel like I'm I could be doing something more thaln what I am...if that makes any sense at all.
In any case the over all day was a good one and I was glad to see all of my friends on our place. It felt like ages since I had been on ther last and it was a good thing to hear all the voices again.
Suppose I will go for

The Phoenix now and head for bed....perhaps sleep will help the head ache.
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