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lonely night

Hello all,

It is a pretty much lonely night for me here. I am by myself while the roommates have gone off to different places. One went home, the other went to her boyfriends, and the third went with a friend. Dunnno if she is staying there or going home from there or not, but nonetheless everyone has left.
I sort of feel like I did when i was alone inthe house, except for this time, I can do as I pleas without being asked why. I can sit and think, writ or do whatever. I can listen to any kind of music I wish to without getting unwelcome comments. I am also beginning to feel myself expanding more and if something bigger has been awakened in me....something joyous yet fearful and to be respected as's making me enjoy everything, but it is still making me feel unsettled...sort of adrift if you will...but this feeling is fading...slowly, but fading none the les....don't know how to describe it...but it's there.
I'm still lonely, still wanting to talk to someone...voice wise....someone call me? I won't be going to bed anytime soon, I've had way too much caffine to do that, though the water I've been drinking seems to have brought my high to a manageable level. LOL
So...tiime to continue my boredom. Till later all,
The Phoenix
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