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spanish and....classes?

I told my teacher I'd get the spanish out by Today...but I think it may end up being tomorrow before it goes out....I've been up for the last hour trying to figure out how I can turn one said high school incident into a!!! Anyway, I'm not sure whether he wanted us to write the poem or not, so I haven't yet, not for lack of time or some thoughts. I guess I'm not a very focused writer and the only thing I can turn easily into poems are my three years of lonely existence in the house where my mind went rampant with all sorts of tricks....some of them obviously to keep myself from going absolutely insane. I sort of...well...never mind, that's not for here. Sorry guys, but I'm not in the mood for a bad mood today, and thinking about the three college years where both my parents worked and where I was left to books writing and God knows what else could vry well put me there. Not as easily as before...but put me there none the less.
In any case, it will definitely be a long day for me since I will have to endure four classes today....and then come back here. Perhaps then I will be able to write this poem....although... ... ...
I am still looking for suggestions on name for said writing community. Please....anyone? Anything will be considered...LOL and I meand that.
Till next time, all.

The Phoenix *looking hopeful*
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