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day full of uncertainties

Missing first class, being tired after second set of classes...and not knowing why in the world I am feeling so unsettled in what is to me one of the freest invironments I've ever been in asside from Tallahassee is making for one hell of a day.

Actually I do have some ideas as to why I'm feeling so unsettled, but I would choose not to post them here for fact of not knowing who reads. One of them I can post is that I feel myself expanding, and it is somewhat unsettling to have the feeeling and go about one's life as if nothing is going's not like you can say to the first person you meet that asks you ho do you feel...oh, I feel so much more expanded today...LOL...anyway, I know this is no laughint matter, but I still sort of feel like I'm....overwhellmed again, but in a good way if that makes any sense at all.
I have no classes tomorrow, but I do have a fair amount of reading to do, and I need to stop at the commons to mail something out tomorrow, or I will be uninrolled in a certain correspondence course that I have been trying to work on for....seeming forever now.

So that's been my day, classers are pretty good, I guess, nothing really interesting to report, except for the fact that I will be writing a fair amount of poetry this semester, and none of it will be true rhyme...he won't alow that...LOL

The Phoenix
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