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I, despise, math!!!!

God, please be kind to me....from this math set me free!!!!

IOK, so maybe that's a bit extreme, readers, but right now, I know that this math classis really going to be achallenge. They expect me to do some exercises in the book...which is on tape...which I am dreading to read. Math books ar difficult for sighties at best...and beasts at worst...can any of you sighted readers imagine having to read one on tape in such a way as to make it understandable for blind folks? Right...RFB and D has the wonderful privilege of doing just that...I just hope I have some good readers here, otherwise I'm screwed.
He went so fast tat it wasn't even funny...of course sincee it's only a once a week lecture and twice a week lab, it's understandable, but still....damn!!! Slow down, please!!!!! Gods and bright havens, I wish I didn't have to take all of this math shit.
Anyway, done with rant now...time to get back to doing whatever...

The Phoenix
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