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growl for the day!!!

good Go'o'o'o'o'o'od!!!!

I sooo could have slept intoday that it wasn't funny, oh well, that's what I get for misreading said class scheduule.

I got up at seven thirty and then decided I was too tired to move, so stayed in bed for another half hour or so...then decided I should move since I thought my one class started at eleven...wrong!!! My clas today isn't till three, I went to the admissions, turned in SAT scores, but since tthey're not in a sealed envelope from te college board, they're considered unofficial...what red tape!!!
So then I went to see Cori, my adaptive services person and that's when I found out that my class wasn't till three thirty. I then went to eat and came back here with someone from the union since I'm not exactly sure how this new bus thing is supposed to work yet. They don't have the trams like last year, they're all down, but tthey hired a privately contracted bus company, apparently, and there's supposed to be services, but no one can seem to tell me anything about where the routes are and where they go.
So...I had to ask to get to th commons, have someone from commons take me to the admissions, then after I was done eating, I had to get someone to get me back here...someone who was otherwise occupied, but sone I knew, so that was kind of cool. I also saw a couple of girls from my other classes from last year, which was extremely leet. one ofthem is even in hte same building as I am, which makes it even more awesome!!!

Anyway I suppose that's it for now, and I will write more later when I get the chance...till next time all.

The Phoenix
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