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ah...the leaving of Liverpool...'s off to college tomorrow, so I will not be checking e-mails till then as I have e-mailed myself things that I want to show up on the laptop.

In any case I have had ny burner for the past few days, so you can just emagine the frenzy I have been on. All the music I want to bring that I don't have on the laptop is being buerned, som books and other things...and I am having a lot of fun with it...I have burnd my low ass quality karioki stuff onto a CD...but I think that V would have some better quality some stuff I don't have. I am going to find out what she has...and give her my school address so she can send me stuff.
We did go to the flea market today and my friend Ruben was there and he asked me how I could tell how much about him...damn, hard to explain that stuf, but I tried. My hesitations made him nervous I think but I had never had to explain something like that before in as much detale as he had me doing it. It was actually sort of fun when I started to bee able to get past what he would think about the explanations. I told him about my energy sensitivities to auras and the surounding energies and how much I co7uld tell from that, and the voice. He let mefeel his face again...and OMG!!! I've never felt such good energy, but he is very gurarded...he has his own space and I could tell that doesn't let too many into that space, but he let all guards down for me...and I know that took guts, courage and all manner of things.
The one thing that suprised mom, but not me is that he limits his's kind of sad how he does it, but what can you do? He says that no matter how good a person's personality is, if they are ugly, he will not allow himself to be friends with them. I didn't get a chance to have him explain himself for this, I could tell mom was ready to go and there were costumers coming in, but next time I go back, I want to ask him why he limits like that. I know his guards ar high, tight and hard to penatrate, but...I guess I'm curious I guess. Anyway we came home and finished backing and now that everything is [packed I'm sort of bored. We are going out to Hoolihan's tonight to hear the famous, at least in my mind, Michael Baily play the accordion. He is just awesome!!! He does requests, and during his breaks he walks the pub and talks to the patrons there and always comes over to say hi to me, even if it means walking all the way across the place to do so. I am extremely excited because I found a twenty dollar bill in my suitcase when i was clearing it out for new stuff...yea!!! Now I can really party like all get out!!!! I doubt I will do too much, though because Mom is there, and well...I do want to bee in good form for tomorrow's move and all. I suppose I should let you all go about you daily routiens again...but o, it is just so hard to stop writing sometimes...LOL!!!!

The Phoenix
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