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What a day...

Hello readers,

It has beem quite a long day, but it's going to be a longer night. LOL

I was up this morning at about eight with pain that wouldn't stop from the ear I so would like to just....have it go away!!! The pain that is.
So mom read in the paper that my health center place is taking walk-ins till Friday. yayayayayayayay!! She went before then to take my grandma to a meeting which was cancelled due to lack of attendence and then came home.
She then took me to the health center and we got through fairly quickly, which was surprising. We got back to a room where the nurse weighed me, took my pulse, and was having problems with the blood pressure cuff, so she moved us to another room...and...yea...there swas a working cuff in there, so she was happy.
Then the doctor came in and looked at my ears, both of them. My right one, which was my good one, and my left which, in his werds, "that's a nasty looking ear." I didn't want to hear that, though that's exactly what I was expecting. Anyway we came hom after getting som perscriptions filled, on for antibiotics, I seem to have aknack for getting into situations where they're needed, and another for ear drops and som refills for those.
He asked if I had stuff for pain andI said I did, so that was taken care of.
After that, mom stopped at the store on the way home to pic, up some milk and I told her that I wanted som apple juse, so she bot me some. I was expecting a little indevidual one, but she bought me a nice large bottle of it, and she said that it was buy one get one free, so it was even better. We came home and then she went to pick up her eyeglasses and Dad called to say that he was staying overtime.
Mom went to see her parents and brought me Wendy's when she came back. Then I had her put the drops in for hte second time, and I fell asleep. I woke up at eight and decided to try the Valdemarrans who weren't home. Then I called GIna...and yea, she was there. So she and I talked about variousthings like some of hte lists we are on together and the traffic generated by said lists. Then she called Igor which was totally awesome!! I absolutely find it a leet thing when I can put voices with's just awesome. I liked Igor's voice right off, just like I did Kwork's. So...we talked about the trip, what we were doing, friends and stuff. It was quite a lot of fun...and...I can see why Gina likes him, he just is so cool sounding, and from the caring!! Tell you what if he can treet her heaps better then the current person....put me in the wedding!!! LOL No seriously though, I really liked talking to the both of them, and I'm beginning to see that he...just by the voice...may have an interest in radio, not to mention that Gina told me that he was a broadcaster~!!!! Yayayayaness!!! That is something I want to do as is sooo leeeeeete!!! So I left then to take com pain medicine, antibiotics and have mom put some drops in my ear...mind I was still on the phone, so to speak, with the two. I came back and we talked for another ten or twenty...thenI got off the phone with them and tried the Valdemarrans again and they had just come in from the store and said that it would be later this evening or tomorrow before they would call again. I is like that all the time it seems...though I don't have much room to speak ill here. It seems as of late that I too am turning out to be a bad returne caller. LOL
Well...I doubt Iwill be going to bed, but I will be done with this update for now...I am no longer in that much pain due to IV proffin, but I still want this infection to "go away." Smomebody make it go away!!! Please someone make it go away!!!

The Phoenix
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