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Forgive the confusidness here, Phoenix fans,
But this was done duringthe worst of it and now that that is over, I suppose it's safe to say I have made it through. For those who have done the updating and diseminating, I am more than truly grateful to you. And now.....the hurricane descriptive show!!!

We are in the middle of it right nowwe have hurricane force winds, horizontal rain. The water is rising rapidly and is now topping our seawall. We are 28 feet above sea level. Trees next door are down, one tree when it fell took our power lines with it, though before that parents looked out to see that the breaker in out transformer had popped.
I can hear the wind wistling through the shutters and feel it, too. I was able, earlier to stik my head out the door and feel the windthere is definitely some power going on out there.and the winds here are about 64 miles an hour, sustained. It has made landfall im between Lee and Charlotte counties, which means that both county got the honor of getting a landfalling hurricane. Charlie is going to cause some serious damage heeeven in our part of the woods.
It will probably be some time before we can get power backthe house next door, though is somewhat wors off than we are because when the tree went, itt took the pole that holds the powerlines goint into the hous with it and now the shingles are being blown off. The canvas cover that was part of one boat's protection is now gone as is part of the screens in the windows
I called Jerry to tell him some of this, and she should be updating the list as to what is going on. I just felt that I should do the sam, thoug most of yhis may be posted after the storme hs passed.
Radio is sayingthat numerous powerlines are down in naplesabut an hour and a half from where we are now. We are definitely being hit hardlike literally.Charlie is moving toward Charlotte county, winds are in excess of 75 miles an hour. Charlotte harbor getting storm surge now. Moving in to Islands of lea county in the next couple of hours it is now four twenty in the afternoon. Storm surge effecting estero Islandstarting to build in SWFL going to start at Calyer, go to Lee, and then Charlotte. Estero Island is to expect wind driven rain, flood watch. I can feel the wind evn through the shutters rattling the windows. If we didn't have these shutters, our hous would definitely not be as whole as it's staying. We would definitely have some damage to speak of.
I'm still not afraid, I'm not even nervous anymoreI feel sort of intone with the stormwe won't be getting much mre than we are getting now, I can sense that. The wind an rain are really bad, though, as you can probably tell. I am not sure how lont we will be with out power, hopefully this laptop will sustain itself long enough for me to keep you all updated asto what is going onIwill try my best to do this. The wind is blowing so hard that the glass windos are being pushed in even with the shutters protecting them. They would have been
pushed in and broken if it weren't for them Let me explain something for readers here, in our hous we hav plate glass doors that are mad completely of windows of glass. They ar three part doors, and thes are what I am sitting in front of, and they are protected by storm shutters, and even with thes, the wind is pushing them in slitely and rattling them. If the shutters were not there, they would have been blown into the house, or worse.
Damage in cape Coral, City Hall, Cape Coral Hospital has lost doors and windows. Fort Myers, powerlines down. Trees down. Roofs shingles off. Same for Santabel Island. Roads ubstructed by trees. Calyer county experiencing storm surge, power and phone service all over CC includingDTN. Anglewood area, windblown debriegh, increasing winds, roofs of buildings blown off, very hard rain, Ice and machine parts every where from broken ice machine picking up sides of buildings. Visibility low, horizontal rain, windblown debriegh at Wink TV, winds of 75 MPH, four to five inches of rain at WWTV. Parts of EI underwater. Wind coming out of south will becomemore southwesterly as time goes on.It's four fifty PM now
Still horizontal rain, wind blowing extremely hard
Calyer county, downed power lines, flying debriegh, power outages reported, detailed assessment in morning of fourteenth.

I can't believe how well colin is taking the hurricane. He has been out and about, feeing, walking around and being his usual self this whold time. Usually in storms, especially those with thunder and lightning, he is hidden, either under the couch or under the bed.
Fast moving hurricane, about twenty mph.
Wind picked up fire rig on side wheels held it ther for several seconds and set it down againfire rigs, mind are about ten to twelve thousand pounds
Ponta Gorda will get a lot of damage around fisherman's village, some piers were hit, which was quiet earlier in the day..
Around my house the wind is howling, the rain is being blown against the windows, still without power. Hurricane is moving at 22 mph it is 26.9 or 82 ddeg west. Eye is inland, Ponta Gorda area is where it is now at 5:15. water level is higher than ten/fifteen minutes ago in LC.

Aound my house things have calmed down quite a bit, we are in between bands now. I doubt we are done with all of this, though. I think we will continue to get really horrible wether for a while.six inches at WT Around my house the wind is howling, the rain is being blown against the windows, still without power.22 mp26.9 or 82 ddeg wesTV. Heavy rain in SWFL, Charlie remain hurricane as far as Orlando FL.
Mom just took me out in the hurricane and I am now back in the safety of my house.
The wind was very hard. It was blowing in gusts that would cary things away and the trees were blowing straight out.. The rain was being driven by the wind completely sideways and it was nearly painful to be hit by the drops. Pin pricks of water like needles. My raincoat was being blown around and flattene against me alternately depending on which direction Mom and I were going. Mom and I went from the front of the house to the back, and she was pleased with the way things looked, both treeswere still standing, though some of the branches were being windwhipped.
My hair is wet from the winddriven rain, and the ground under my feet was so wet it was saturated and water was pooling on the sidewalk and sement surfaces. I was litteraly walking through puddles, barefoot, mind and the grass was full of water. It wasn't swamp-like, but it was spongy underfoot and I could have sprinkled water with my feet if I so desired
The wind as we headed back to the hous was picking up and bloing more and more wildly. It is still not as bad as it was some hour or so ago, but as I said, I don't think we are done yet.

live and unedited...from
The Phoenix
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