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OK yall

OK for the most part it's been a regular day.
I spoke with UK Sarah for a bit and found out...that...a certain person from Michigan is more than just a friend and is a "nice guy"...if this is the sam DFM...I really feel for the girl...she is about to get her heart ripped and shredded....dunno if she wouldread, but...just be careful.
Well...Charlie's on his way, and the parents want me of...but I doubt I will be doing anything unless I can really hear the thunder. I just don'tsee reason for it...but anyhow they have gone to pick up my grandma.
It is raining now an wind is picking up, so I guess I can kind of see their point, but still....I don't see haste written in the matter yet.
It was actually kind of a boring day today. I need to really sit down and do some things that need doing...LOL...Spanish lesson and music practice.
Well, I suppose that's it for now, so I will leave you with the usual be good, be safe thing...and I will try to be safe...but being good...well as you can see by this post, that is very hard for me to do. LOL

The Phoenix
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