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nervously awaiting...

OK readers,

I do believe this will be my last post for a while if Charlie stays on course. It is supposed to hit this part of the state sometime first they said two in the morning, now they're projecting later, butstill...I will not have the accewss to the computer for that time.
Mom hasgone out to get supplies, she is washing all our clothes, Dad is on hurricane standby, I'm nervous as are we all. Mom's talking about having the grandparents stay with us....I don't know whether that would be a good idea or not. It all depends on whether we can get my grandma to sitstill. Dad said te last report has it heading rightup our canal, but what I heard on the TV said that it was heading north to Charlotte up to tampa...still uncomfortably close, though, and they are saying one little shift could bring it closer.
Now about the shutter situation. Mom called our builders and they said that she had to call the shutter company, so she had to call two differnetn numbers before she got ahold of someonej,...and then when she did she was transferred three times. They just now called and I was the one who had to get mom again in order for her to give them the needed information.
Mom and Dad are talking about suing our builders if any damage is done to the house because they sold it to us with faulty material. It makes sense, I think...but for some reason I'm just not all that concernte about this whold thilng. It just seems so unreal right now.
I am still nervous, though. I've never been through this type of storm experience and al that goes with it is making my head spin.
Wow...Mom just told me that we do have what we're supposed to have as far as the shutters go, and we are supposed to use the tracks to put them on...and mom says we have those, so we're all set. The tracks are aluminum and you screw them in to the wall, then after that you slide the metal panels in. The banels overlap to make the sutters. The panels are actually the shutters themselves, and the tracks are part of the system. THe only ones that need the tracks are the ones that protect the sliding glass doors.
In any case, now that I am done describing the hurricane shutter system, I guess I'll go do something else...maybe like fold all these clothes Mom has piled on my bed.
Or...oops...I guess instead aof folding clothes, I will be spreading the Valdemar bug to others. LOL my friend nightshadow16 has just asked me to send him a lot of the text...and before I forget, I would like to welcome lovable_leo to my readers list. It is good to see you around again, friend.

The Phoenix
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