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yea for music!!!

OK, raeaders,

Today's been pretty slow for the most part. I read all of Acorna's People by Anne McCaffrey and wish there was some way to get a lot of this on comercial tape because I hate returning books back to the library that belong to my rapidly growing list of favorite, near-reality authors. I've now started a book called the Pianist and it seems pretty good so far, but I don't know if I really care for the reader. My grandparents came over later...after we found out that hurricane charlie would be heading for southwest Florida...right where I am.
Mom and dad started preparing last night by putting up hurricane shutters. THey found out, however, much to ther great displeasure, that some of the shutters...for the sliding glas dors, mind, are either two inches too short or too inches too long.
I mainly stayed out of the way for most of that operation, making calls to club tel and all that sort of thing.
Aerikah called and said that my friend Doreen would be unavailable because she was going to be in California...OK...that's good to know. LOL My phone was being retarded, going all staticky and stuff, so I didn't stay on the phone with her long.
I then turned on the radio because I was bored and didn't feel like reading...and...yea for music!!!!!
I was privileged, so to speak, to hear a string of composers I like a little more than a lot. LOL Peter tricofski's seasons...July: sSOng of the repers and August Harvest...and the best....yea....Prokofiev's classical symphony...his first...yea fro Prkofieve....I was all excited because he was one of the composers we had studied in music clas...yea for Prokovfiev!!! Then I heard a trumpet concherto, I can't remember who it's by at the moment, then Motzart's sonada for two pianos.. I am now ready for bed, so I suppose I should go there. LOL

The Phoenix
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